As one of the largest members of Sunkist Growers, Richard Bagdasarian has the juice. Growing an array of California citrus specialties that include lemons, limes, tangerines and mandarins, our company offers top-quality merchandise to all fifty states and 30 foreign countries throughout the world packed in the Sunkist brand; one of the best labels known in the entire produce industry. Together with Sunkist we are part of a team that provides consistent supplies of virtually every citrus item in the produce department.





Minneolas are easily identified by the knob-like formation at the stem end. This fruit tends to grow large in size and will display a deep red-orance exterior color. They have a delicious tart-sweet flavor. Minneolas have a smooth to slightly pebbled texture, peel very easily, and have few if any seeds.





Royals are a “Tangor” or sometimes referred to as a “Temple” orange. The Royal Mandarin is one of the larger sized seasonal specialty fruits available. They are red-orange in color, with a slightly rough skin and few seeds. It is easy to peel with a spicy-sweet flavor..





Tango is a cross between a tangerine and a sweet orange. A late-season mandarin, these California Tangos should not be confused with the Honey variety out of Florida, as the latter can be very seedy. Rather flat in shape, the Tango is an easy to peel fruit, making it popular with children. For the juiciest, sweetest fruit, look for Tangos with a sweet, clean fragrance.


Store at cool room temperatures for up to one week or refrigerate for up to two weeks.





The Daisy is a medium-large mid-season seeded Mandarin with an attractive dark orange rind and excellent flavor.



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